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Monday, July 11, 2011

Tilly has the answer....!!!

Miss Tilly sent this message..

I think that this might be worse than "Silver Bells" however, I will give it a go and see what happens.

Alice Isabella enjoyed herself on the farm, but she did have a few adventures...

One night we visited the Dairy. Alice Isabella took no notice of me when I told her to put on her little rubber  boots. (she has some that look like green frogs with big eyes)
..But NO, she wanted to wear her dainty fairy shoes she bought the day before....

It was cold and wet in the dairy and the floor was sloshed with unmentionables....(Pooh) actually. 
Big round plops of cow p....h.... 

Alice danced around like a princess saying "OOH Pooh, OOh Pooh" and waving her princes arms in the air, suddenly she slipped and fell flat on her bottom in the pooh.....

3 of the "lovely ladies" who worked in the dairy fished her out with a big hook that they used to push the cows into place.... they hung her up to dry in the rafters and she wasn't very happy....

But do you know what...?

She stopped singing Silver Bells. I think that's amazing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I decided to take Alice isabella on a trip to the farm this morning.
It was a bit difficult getting her out of her warm notebook bed, she was wrapped in a note paper quilt and her sheets and pillow slip are made from silk bookmarks
When I opened the book, there she was with just her little nose out of the cover, the paper quilt was pulled right up to her eyes and she made an Isabella whistling noise as she slept.. Well at least it is better than her singing.
She sleeps with her hat on and it gets a bit skew whiff during the night.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alice Isabella is rather annoying

It's some time since Alice Isabella came out of my handbag.
In fact, she has been out and about but we just haven't had the time to share our adventures with you all.
Miss Tilly has been inventing stories for her but we didn't put them to air.

Sometimes she just likes to do private things without sharing.

However, the fact that she is now in South Africa is such an exciting adventure that she couldn't remain in there by herself for long.

Cat No 1. is named Zeba-diah
Cat No 2. is named Fish fingers
Cat No 3. is named Fat friday

By the way, she isn't ever lonely.... she does have 3 cats in the note book to keep her company.
Why do they have such strange names....?

Hmm, that's another story all together.

Alice does annoy me sometimes.... she hums a lot and it's so embarrassing when you are standing in line.... for instance in immigration or the shopping cue, or the bus cue... and you have humming coming out of your hand bag.

I tried to think of something to cover the noise.... sometimes I cough.. other times I engage others in the line in conversation. But that doesn't always work.

She sings "Silver Bells" it drives me mad. It's one of those songs that sticks in your head and you can't get it out....

Then I tried to trick her and I left her in my black handbag and hid it in my big suitcase and used my orange one...

But she outsmarted me... she took my purse and put it in the bag her notebook house is in and I just had to take her along.

Still singing Silver Bells.

Little Possum she is.

Now I think I need to teach her a new song.

Miss Tilly what song do you thing would be interesting for her to learn and I don't think I could cope with your favourite song.....