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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A swimming day

It's not often that a person who lives in a note book like Alice Isabella gets the opportunity to go for a swim... but the notebook was open this afternoon and she begged me to take her with me.

So I did.

She shuffled around in her little old case and bought out a scrimply, striped bathing suit.

We walked down to the swimming pool and I reminded her that she still had her hat on.!!!!

"I know, I know" she said with a cross look on her face. "its a special floating hat, I don't know how to swim"

Well I knew that hat wouldn't save her when she was in the water so I found a couple of blow up rings.

I decided to hop into the bubble tub first... and I looked up to see Alice coming towards me with this strange look on her face and the two rings around her waist... the only problem is that she didn't take her arms out when she put the rings on.

"You need to take your arms out so you can float" I said to her... 

"It's OK" she said and jumped right in the water.

So there she was bobbing around in the pool wiggling her skinny legs in her scrimply, striped bathing suit.

She squealed with laughter as she bobbed up and down. The splashed water dripped off her hat and it sank lower and lower around her face... she looked like a drowned rat... but she had a lovely time.

She was rather an item of interest in the swimming pool this afternoon. Now I guess she's tucked up in her little notebook bed.

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