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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alice Isabella and the Harley.

While the Quilt Policeman was tied up in the big roll of batting  the leaders of the group, grabbed the keys to the jail door off the hook on the wall and unlocked the big padlock.

Alice Isabella squealed in delight.... 

The door “sqeeched” open...... “eeeerk”

She was so excited she almost fell out the door...

Those Batting babes had it all worked out.... how clever were they.

They bustled her out the door of the Quilt Station.

“Vroom, Vroom” there was a loud roar and Alice looked up to see a huge  motor bike coming around the corner... it screeched to a halt and Batting Babe “Beulah the baster” swung her rather large leather clad leg over the tank of the bike....

It was a bit hard to tell just who she was really, she was clad in quilted leather, big black glasses, orange leather gloves and boots and on her helmet she had her name “Beulah the baster” painted with wings on the side.

Scary Mary.

Now Alice had never been on a motor bike... “they are just too dangerous”... she always said......but she really had no choice.....
“Get on Lovely” said Beulah, and Alice found herself lifted by a dozen hands onto the back of the bike....a helmet was placed on her head and tied under her chin.

“Oh my” she said.... I can’t sit like this, my knickers will show.... 

Beulah, who was used to delicate quilt ladies, produced a giant safety pin from her pocket and they pinned the dress tight over Alice’s legs so it wouldn’t blow up in the air.

Alice Isobella grabbed her straw hat (silly girl it can’t fly off it’s under the helmet) with one hand, had her bags crooked in her elbow and held on to her new friend with her other hand.

All of sudden they were off, “Vroom”, past the post office, past the grocery store, through the school yard, down the little grey lane where Mrs Needlesome lives and out into the country side....

Alice began to relax, she opened her eyes and was enjoying the wind in her curls.

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