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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scary Mary.

Alice Isabella slept well on her big feather bed with lots of pillows.

She got up early and put on her black stockings, her 'spotty lotty' dress and combed her grey hair back into a bun. 

Her hair had a mind of it's own, it was a bit springy and it was always 'ringleting' down her neck. So she plonked her favourite hat on her head and tucked up the ringlets under the brim.

They usually stay there for a short time until she gets the colley-wobbles, then they 'sprong' out again.

She had breakfast in the big dining room of the hotel. 

It is very grand. 

There are pink pots with tall palm trees planted in them, fruit that's not real in blue bowls and big silver chandeliers hanging from a painted ceiling.

Suddenly Alice Isabella got an attack of the tummy jumbles. She realised that she was very nervous about going to the quilt show by herself.

A group of people came in and sat down talking and laughing, so Miss Alice Isabella hid behind the pot plant....

What will she do next?

How will she get to the show?

Why is she scared...who is Scary Mary?

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...for all those people who 'bah humbug' technology...this is the most positive, delightful use I have seen. From all of us everywhere who love a bedtime story...thanks for sharing Pam x (Candy)