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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Very Interesting things.

So, Alice Isobella had escaped... and just in time too.

But you know she was really sad because she had completely missed the Quilt Show.

She tried not to show her sadness... in fact she was quite good at that.

She smiled a lot, but sometimes if you looked carefully enough, you could see her sad eyes and her bottom lip just had the slightest quiver.

She was very grateful that her new friend "Beulah Baster, the batting babe" had whipped her away on her Harley....a Harley Davison Motorbike to be exact. In fact you may be interested to know that lots of cool Quilters ride on Harleys...

When someone does something kind and special for you, you must always thank them... so Alice  gave Beulah the Baster a big hug and a kind smile. "Thankyou so much" she said. Beulah, gave a shrug and got back on her bike.
"You're welcome Maam" she said and started up that big old harley, Vroom, Vroom.

In fact she was showing off a little and almost skidded as she took off down the road. 

The "Basting Babes" visited with Alice Isabella and told her that the Quilt policeman was just fine now and they didn't really hurt him with their circle of rotary cutters... in fact he decided to change his career and become a "long arm of the law" quilter.

During all these events... Alice Isobella's friend, Miss P. Smedley had been traveling.

She traveled to a place called "Hot Springs" where the hot water bubbles up from very deep in the earth.

How does it get hot?

Well, there is a big cave under the earth, small people "the Jibblings" dressed in green hats, red and white striped legs and little blue shirts spend most of their time boiling kettles on big old stoves.
This is true....
Look at this photo... and you can see the water bubbling up to the top of the earth so that we can share in this wonderful thing.

Can you imagine that if you really wanted to you could go down main street when no one is looking and take a bath in the hot springs... (that would be amazing).

Miss P. Smedley, had been in a town called Alamogordo where they have a Pure White desert with big sand hills to slide down, its amazing, it looks like snow but its hot!!!!

very, very interesting

The donkeys live on the roof

Very, very interesting.

There are cactus that look like bats with prickles and mountains so high they touch the sky.

Miss P Smedley found this a very very  interesting place.

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